New graphics event on 31 May, Atomium Brussels

Have you already heard about the new Benelux Online Print Event (#BOPE18) focused on ‘Insights for growth’?

E-commerce is everywhere these days. In our graphics industry, there’s naturally nothing new about web-to-print. Indeed, an online market approach offers great potential. And yes, that includes your company, whether you are large, medium, or small! Web-to-print is so much more than simply selling some business cards over the internet…

This is exactly why we are organising a new event on web-to-print on 31 May in the Brussels Atomium.The event aims to gather printers, copy shops, sign companies, designers, and suppliers to focus on this topic. So it’s a perfect moment to bring together your colleagues from Wallonia, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Flanders, and the Netherlands. The event will be held at one of Belgium’s most unique locations, the Atomium.

We have pulled out all the stops for the 9(!) speakers. They will join us from Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Every one of them is a specialist with plenty of practical experience. So it’s a golden opportunity for you to get inspiration and information on web-to-print. Find out how other countries go about doing e-commerce in the graphics sector. Project foreign trends and figures on to your own graphics company and environment. Learn from the successes and challenges faced by your colleagues. Discover what could make it worthwhile for you to launch web-to-print or go one step further with your current solution?

We have put together a wonderfully varied programme.

  • The European reference in terms of online print, Bernd Zipper, will open the event #BOPE18 with some recent trends and figures.
  • The latest trend, namely web-to-pack, will be considered in a separate session from a practical Italian perspective.
  • Wouter Haan, as CEO of one of the biggest online players from the Netherlands, will tell us how online marketing and online sales are being combined with internal sustainable production.
  • The famous keynote speaker, Cis Scherpereel, will talk about the human factor within an e-commerce context.
  • Through Lionel Soccal, Google will present a captivating session on the impact and challenges of the current digital revolution.
  • On top of that, we have a number of very interesting case studies, each with its own perspective, from Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands!

For the first time ever we will take an explicit look at the French-speaking market. After all, we believe that it is essential to collaborate across country and language borders in our dynamic industry. We are therefore delighted that our industry partner Febelgra is supporting us with details of the unfamiliar French-speaking market.

All sessions (except for Reclameland) will be presented in English. If there is sufficient interest from French-speaking Belgium, we would be happy to provide simultaneous translation into French and Dutch for a further edition in 2019.

Finally, we would also like to focus on the fact that there is an opportunity to enjoy a guided visit of the exhibition by the Belgian expressionist painter René Magritte after the day’s events and before dinner.

The VIP dinner will be held in the uppermost ball of the Atomium and is included in the price for the first 75 participants to register.

So, as you can see, it will be a day filled with surprises, inspiration, and information for and by those in the Benelux graphics industry. We hope to meet you all at this very first Benelux Online Print Event!


About the organisers

VIGC stands for the Flemish Innovation Centre for Graphic Communication, which until now has focused on the Dutch-speaking market. With this Benelux Online Print Event, the VIGC is delighted to reach out to the French-speaking community for the first time.

VIGC is a network organisation aimed at inspiring the graphics market and providing information on technology, processes, and business-related topics. As a non-profit organisation, we operate entirely for the benefit of graphics suppliers. Our aim is to provide a connection and focus on graphical innovation.

VIGC organises 8 large and smaller events each year. We usually welcome between 40 and 350 participants.

We also organise numerous independent graphics training courses. These are given both as part of an open agenda and specifically for companies. Don’t, however, expect any software training. We deal in specialised graphics training related to e.g. pdf, colour, cost price calculations, functional printing, e-commerce, etc.

In addition, our four consultants (VIGC consists of 6 staff in total) work hard to carry out various types of consultancy assignments in small and large companies.

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Top 10 trends online print: part 1

Over the last few years, we have seen a number of trends in the field of online print or web-to-print. I have specially selected a number of these for you. These trends will certainly be covered in one of the many sessions during the Benelux Online Print Event (#BOPE18). Over the course of networking moments at the day event and also in the evening during the unique dinner in the Brussels Atomium there will plenty of opportunity to go into more depth.

Tip 10 – Customer data security

The printer’s client often holds much data from its own customers (the final customers). This data (often details of the final customer) is increasingly being used for targeting purposes. The client will only entrust this data to a printer that can demonstrate that the final customer’s data enjoys optimum protection. One example might be an energy supplier that wants to send a printed mailing to a segmented range of its customers. For example, in order to upgrade to a more premium and expensive energy subscription.

Tip 9 – Data-driven marketing

A great advantage of the internet is that the advertiser already knows how to find its potential client and is no longer obliged to guess. On the one hand, this is a disadvantage for the graphics industry, as marketing agencies almost always target digital channels. On the other hand, targeting also creates opportunities for premium advertising print. Online print, whereby Variable Data Printing (VDP) is integrated and linked to marketing automation processes, will gain the greatest advantage from this.

Tip 8 – The ‘omnichannel’ customer

The customer no longer buys from a single channel. Several channels are used before purchasing commences. This may vary from traditional shopping (via a physical shop window or a real store), a poster, website (via iPhone, iPad, or PC), etc.

Tip 7 – B2B environments offer plenty of potential

The B2B segment holds the largest share of total online print turnover. B2B online sales (including purchasing managers) are already 30 times greater than B2C. And there are still business customers that have yet to adopt the digitisation process…!


Tip 6 – Specialisation (B2C)

As is the case with traditional printers, it is hard to set online printers apart in the B2C segment. The solution is to specialise! This can be done by approaching vertical markets, producing specific products, or differentiating yourself in general from your competitors.

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